Dave's Unit Test

Dave's Unit Test (DUT) is a simple unit testing infrastructure implemented in c-preprocessor macros and GNU make.

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DUT has been tested with (and only with) various versions of gcc. As of 1 March 2008, the SVN head works with tcc 0.9.23 as well, but not with nwcc 0.7.5. At this point I do not know if this is a fault in my code or in the compiler.

If you know that it does or especially does not work with another compiler, please let me know.

Testing with other compilers turned up a miscellaneous "compatibility" issue: the behaviour of various libc function on bad input is not always specified. So on my PowerBook G4 the code

char *str4 = NULL;
throws a SIGBUS signal. But it does not on my Debian 4.0 machine. A fact which makes requiring certain code to raise a signal problematic.

Release History

Date Release
7 March 2008 0.8.3
5 March 2008 0.8.2
27 Febuary 2008 0.8.1
Febuary 2008 0.8.0

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